Wedding By the Water: How You Can Make It Work

Wedding By The Water
Wedding By the Water: How You Can Make It Work

Waterfront weddings — the perfect way to tie the knot for people who love the water or are big fans of the beach and nautical styles. Whether you have your sights set on a destination wedding or already live along the coast, there’s no questioning the ambiance of a wedding by the water. With nature as your backdrop, wedding venues near bodies of water are the perfect places to say your “I Do’s.”

While most of the logistics are similar to a traditional venue’s, waterfront settings come with a few additional factors; for some of them, you might require help from your wedding planner.

Theme and Venue Selection

Waterfront weddings mean multiple things: sandy beaches, a luxury yacht, restaurants overlooking the water, and more. Depending on your preferred wedding date and location, you have to narrow down the venue — and book fast.

Keep in mind that the time of the year and your location will dictate the availability of the venue, as well as the scenery for your day.

Next comes the fun part: the theme and décor. While nautical is a common theme for waterfront weddings, the beauty of tying the knot near the water is simplicity. Decorate your tables with ship silhouettes, which are perfect foundations for flower arrangements.

Plan for The Rain

Regardless of the body of water, always be ready for rain. Even if rain showers are not typical that time of the year, plan for it.

Ask your wedding planner about tent rentals. Make sure that you have tents on standby in case the rain pours on your special day. Also, if the venue has an indoor alternative, add that to your backup plan.

But if you’re the type who wants a different kind of wedding, a little rain might make your special day more fun. Rain means a chance of a rainbow, photo opportunities with umbrellas, and cozy weather by the water.

Keep Your Guests Comfortable

Most brides and grooms arrive three days or a week before the big day to finalize destination wedding-related decisions. Use this time to also take care of your guests who will arrive a few days after.

Start by putting together a welcome bag with a suggested itinerary of the popular activities in the area. This is a great way to introduce family, friends, and other loved ones to your location. Next, consider the logistics of the venue and how you can make your guests feel comfortable. For example, if you’re getting married at the beach, custom flip flops are ideal wedding favors.

Also, a relaxed dress policy will keep your guests fresh while they watch your wedding outside. Depending on the time of the day, you might want to pass out extra hats and sunglasses just in case the sun is too high.

A waterfront wedding is one of the best ways to start your journey to forever. Make it a memorable one by keeping these suggestions in mind.

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