The Romance of Small Destination Weddings

The Romance of Small Destination Weddings
The Romance of Small Destination Weddings

Many couples want to have a destination wedding but are intimidated by the challenges that come with it. Their worries are valid. For starters, many guests might not have the means to fly out of state. Local wedding suppliers whose products you fell in love with might be unable to deliver to your chosen destination. You’ll also have to spend on airfare tickets and accommodation for your wedding party.

These issues don’t have easy answers, but with ample planning and preparation, you can find solutions for all of them. Having organized so many weddings in various islands in Hawaii, we can give you a good one to start with: plan a small wedding. It can be everything you’ve ever imagined a destination wedding would be, if not more.

Everyone’s Focus Is On You

Grand weddings can quickly become a spectacle with guests becoming engrossed with the entertainment, the decor, and the people they meet in the crowd. This is less likely to happen if you have a small wedding. When you have to keep your guest list between 40-50, only your family and closest friends and relatives will be part of it.

These people are the dearest and nearest to your hearts, and you can count on them to help you make the day perfect. You can rest easy because you know that all your guests only care about your happiness on your wedding day. You can look forward to a drama-free celebration on your big day.

Your Gathering Will Be Intimate

The conversations during reception tend to be more inclusive in a small wedding party, unlike in big weddings where people tend to wander off in small groups. With fewer guests around, people are more likely to interact with one another, even if it’s just exchanging pleasantries while sitting side by side during the wedding rites or reception. Your families can get to know each other better too, which will be good for your marriage. 

You get more quality time with your guests when you have a small wedding party. In big weddings, newlyweds often have little choice but to limit their interactions with their guests to quick hugs and greetings. After a photo op, their wedding coordinator whisks them off to the next table. An intimate wedding allows you to have more meaningful and memorable conversations with your closest family members and friends.

It’s Easier to Customize Your Wedding

A small wedding offers more flexibility than a big wedding. You can afford to be picky with the flowers, reception menu, decorations, and wedding giveaways because you’re preparing for a small group of people. With a trimmed down guest list, you’ll have more money to spend on the details that will make your destination wedding unique and memorable.

With careful planning, a small destination wedding could be within your budget. You won’t have head-splitting money problems, plus you get the romantic wedding you’ve always dreamed of having.

Arluis Destination Weddings can help you plan an intimate destination wedding. You can count on our help from budget-setting to putting together design concepts for your preferred venue. Contact us to schedule a chat with our wedding coordinators.

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