Micro Wedding: A Guide for an Intimate Wedding in Hawaii

Micro Wedding A Guide For An Intimate Wedding In Hawaii

Micro Wedding: A Guide for an Intimate Wedding in Hawaii

Big weddings involve hundreds of details, from the location to the type of flowers to use, making the cost go higher. Couples today spend about $30,000 on their wedding for roughly 130 guests. But you don’t always need to spend that much because you can still have your dream destination weddings in Hawaii at a lower cost through a micro wedding.

A micro wedding is becoming a trend among couples. This is ideal if you want an intimate celebration with your close friends and family members.

A Wedding Celebration for Minimalists

The wedding trend is a fusion of high-end and on-a-budget celebration. It has the same features of a traditional wedding, such as a venue, a band, and dancing, except that it has a smaller guest list, which is usually up to 20 people.

You can still celebrate your big day however you want, whether you want
to hold your wedding in a chapel or a scenic
beach in Hawaii. For instance, a couple spent only
 on their wedding last year, which was held at a small, beachside
park with 12 guests. The couple, in an interview with Insider, explains they
wanted to a small, inexpensive wedding to save money for their house.

Planning is a crucial aspect of a micro wedding. But the main focus here is trimming down your guest list to reduce your expenses.

Planning Your Micro Wedding

Micro weddings tend to be easier to plan because you have fewer to please and a lesser budget. Although this sounds like a DIY job, the network and experience of a wedding planner will leave you with the wedding you desire — without the stress.

Here are the top three things to consider when planning a micro wedding:

  • Choose your venue first – picking your venue beforehand allows you to create a guest list that will fit the venue and prevent you from inviting everyone. For example, you need to know the capacity of a private dining room if you want to celebrate your nuptial in your favorite restaurant.
  • Cover the basics – use your budget smartly by focusing on wedding essentials, including the food, booze, and music. Once you have secured these factors, you can now add other details, like flowers and decors, to enhance your celebration.
  • Make the celebration meaningful – intimate weddings become more meaningful by sharing your personal vows while surrounded by people closest to you. Including sentimental details to the ceremony, like walking down the aisle with your dog, makes the celebration more personal. You can also give handwritten letters to your guests for more meaningful touches.

The micro wedding is scaled down, but you may still need help from an experienced planner. A planner knows vendors that can give you affordable rates, from florists to cake bakers. Find someone who can help you achieve the wedding you want using the budget you have in mind.

Work with an Experienced Wedding Planner

Arluis Destination Weddings of Hawaii will help you curate every detail to make your wedding beautiful and suitable for your budget. Our goal is to make your wedding seamless and memorable. We have been hosting weddings across the Pacific Islands since 2003, giving wedding planner partners and couples, like you, a wide selection of impressive venues and costs.

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