Destination Wedding Dressing: A Guide for Brides-to-Be

Destination Wedding Dressing
Destination Wedding Dressing: A Guide for Brides-to-Be

You have the perfect wedding dress in mind: a blush pink, corseted chiffon ball gown with a train that spans the entire chapel.  

The problem is, you and your beau have decided on a destination beach wedding, and a ball gown with a full train might not be the most practical garb for an oceanside ceremony.

The services of your wedding planner cover everything, from booking suppliers and finding you an officiant, down to gathering your entourage for photoshoots and the bridal shower. But when it comes to your wedding gown, the decision is left entirely up to you, it seems. And why not? After all, you’re one who will be showered with all the attention.

Choosing a wedding dress for a destination wedding may require a bit more thought. So before you head to your designer armed with the photos saved on your phone (and the stamina to power through a sea of tulle and lace), we’ve got a few pointers for you:

Beach Wedding

What to consider: If you’ll have your ceremony out in the sun, consider fabrics that will help keep you cool such as chiffon, tulle, charmeuse, and silk.  Make sure you choose light, breathable fabrics and go for cuts that will keep you comfortable despite the heat.

Unless you’ve had a firm walkway installed, toss the stilettos and go for flats or sandals.

What to avoid: If your aisle is likely to be sand, steer clear of heavy trains. Otherwise, you’ll end up carving your way down the aisle.

Garden Wedding

What to consider: First things first: what will your aisle look like? Will you be using a runner or is it going to be a grassy path? Have your gown’s length altered to your aisle. If you’re walking down a grassy walkway, for example, opt for a style that wouldn’t skim the ground.

Consider accenting your look with the season’s key details: if your wedding is in autumn consider a sunset-colored gown, for example. Or add floral embroideries or hairpins for a spring wedding.

What to avoid: Sky-high heels. Pointy heels will make you indelicately sink into the soil. You may go for a nice pair of flats or kitten block heels. Avoid overly glittery or shiny accessories, as these may look a bit out of place in an au naturel background.

City Wedding

What to consider: Flying your entourage to Vegas? For chic city weddings, you can go for svelte sheaths, sleek minidresses, or majestic ball gowns – anything goes.

What to avoid: The sky is the limit in terms of design. But you have to consider your venue, of course. For a grand hotel affair, for example, you want a more opulent gown. For a loft wedding, consider a willowy A-line piece. Also, if you’re taking a cab to the venue, you have to make sure your gown will fit inside.

Now that you’ve got your dress dilemma out of the way, let Arluis Destination Weddings take care of the rest of your wedding preparations. We help you enjoy a stress-free wedding experience through comprehensive wedding planning packages that can be tailored to your needs and preferences.

Talk to us about your dream wedding today!

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