Tying the Knot: What You Need to Know About Planning a Destination Wedding

Tying The Knot What You Need To Know About Planning A Destination Wedding
Tying the Knot: What You Need to Know About Planning a Destination Wedding

There’s nothing like tying the knot with the love of your life at a beautiful beach or a lush garden. One in four newlywed couples said that their ceremony was a destination wedding, according to global wedding marketplace WeddingWire’s 2019 Newlywed Report. The study surveyed over 18,000 couples who got married in 2018.

As magical as destination weddings are, however, getting every part of your ceremony and reception right takes quite a bit of planning. Here are some pieces of advice to help you out.

Choose a Place That’s Close to Your Heart

When picking a spot for your big day, don’t just focus on the stunning view or extravagant decorations. Think of memorable places where you spent some of your best days as a dating couple. It can be where you had your first out-of-town trip, or where you proposed to your loved one. By thinking of destinations that have a significant meaning to your relationship, you can easily narrow down your search. Picking a destination that means something to you also lets you relive the wonderful feelings and memories that made you decide to wed each other in the first place.

Consider the Weather, Too

Once you’ve picked a destination, the next thing to decide on is the date. Some couples base their choice on the availability of their guests (such as holidays), or the movement of their planets.

Probably the best practical consideration is the weather. You don’t want to schedule your wedding in the Bahamas during the cyclone season (June to November), for example, or hold a ceremony in Chicago in winter amidst extreme winds and snow (although it can be a whole new experience if you’re up to it). Take your time to research on the climate of the place you have in mind. Your wedding deserves nothing but blue skies.

Spend Your Budget Wisely

Destination weddings whether they’re domestic or international, will cost you. The average cost of weddings in America is about $33,391, according to the “2018 Real Weddings Study” by wedding information website The Knot. The  Hawaii wedding venue takes the lion’s share of expenses at $15,439, on average, followed by the engagement ring at $5,680, and reception band at $4,247.

The 2017 report also said that the average cost of an international destination wedding is about $27,227, while a domestic one would cost around $28,372. The site mentions that local destination weddings in Hawaii  are often more expensive because they usually have a more extensive guest list than the international ones. Since the venue is more accessible, there’s bound to be more people who can attend.

It’s perfectly fine to go all out on your wedding, especially when you and your partner have saved up for it for so long. It’s your special day, after all. But it doesn’t hurt to cut down on some wedding expenses to save up for your honeymoon or to buy a new house and car for your soon-to-be family.

If you want to save, hire local vendors and bands, so you don’t have to pay for their tickets to your destination. Incorporate native flowers and plants as well to save on shipping costs for imported ones. Not only will you have extra cash to splurge on your honeymoon, but your ceremony will also have that authentic look and feel.

Be Patient about Screening Vendors

Speaking of vendors, it’s important to screen them carefully. Since you don’t want to spend more on flight tickets for wedding suppliers, you’d likely hire the locals. However, you’re not familiar with their work. The last things you want are blurry photos and unfocused footage of your wedding. It’s also a nightmare to have horrid makeup done on you on your special day.

Find time to scrutinize their sample output and look at the results of past events they’ve handled. Be present for taste tests, trial makeup sessions, or rehearsals with the photo and video team. If you’re unsure about whom to trust, get a wedding planning package, so you know that everything comes from one place. Plus, you only need to cooperate with a few people to get things planned and ready.

Inform Your Guests as Early as Possible

You may have been annoyed by a wedding invitation that you received a week before the event. There was too little time to move other appointments and commitments to accommodate this one. Spare your guests the headache by sending a Save the Date invite as soon as you have a tentative date. You can do this digitally or on social media. It’s not a formal invitation; it’s only to inform your guests in advance so that they can clear their schedules.

Marriage is a beautiful ceremony that deserves to be celebrated in the best way possible. Do your research and pick a meaningful destination. Plan your budget and screen your vendors carefully. Respect your guests’ time by informing them early about your wedding date. All the planning and spending will be worth it once you hear the words “I do.”

Find the Right Wedding Planning Package for You

Planning your destination wedding alone will be a headache. Arluis Destination Weddings will be happy to make your paradise dreams a reality. We have decades of experience in planning destination weddings. Our compassionate, warm, and imaginative team is ready to personalize your special day the way you want it to be.

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