Who Should Sit Where at Your Wedding?

Who Should Sit Where at Your Wedding?

Seating arrangements are often on top of any bride or groom’s wedding planning list.
With the caterers, the venue, and the dresses to worry about, it’s only natural to plan the wedding seating chart at the very end of the preparation process
after your guests’ RSVPs.

This task, however, is just as important as your other tasks.

A seating chart is necessary if you’re having more than 50 guests at your wedding. You want guests to know where they are supposed to sit and be comfortable with the people surrounding them. Special circumstances also call for a seating chart (e.g., divorced parents might feel more at ease with a few tables between them).

While you busy yourself with sorting out through wedding packages, don’t forget to keep the following chart etiquette suggestions in mind:

Where Do Mom and Dad Sit?

Traditional wedding seating chart etiquette assigns both the bride and the groom’s parents to a
table near them during the reception. They usually sit with the rest of the family, along with the members who are not in the wedding party. It’s a great way to have them catch up with the rest of the family and relax in the celebration of their children’s new union.

This, however, can be a challenge when you’re dealing with divorced parents. Be sensitive if things between them are tense. Make them feel at ease by having two tables both close to you and put one parent in each of them.

Keep Friends Close and Best Friends Closer

Surrounding yourself with your best friends is a great way to acknowledge their special role, especially if they are part of the entourage. Place them at the second best table after your parents. Add something special to the table’s wedding décor to make sure you emphasize their special place at the wedding (and in your life).

Categorize Your Guests

Once you’ve finalized who’s coming to the wedding, start sorting guests into groups. Categorize attendees according to how you know them, such as family members, high school and college friends, work friends, and more.

Apart from grouping guests by how you know them, consider their age, backgrounds, and interest. Make everyone at the table feel comfortable by mixing new faces with familiar ones.

Entertain The Tots at the Kids’ Table

If you have a lot of kids at your wedding, it would be better to designate a separate children’s table. Keep the kids busy by having crafts and/or activities at their table. Also, try to put their table near where their parents are. If your ring bearer and flower girl are the only children at your wedding, seat them together with their parents.

You Don’t Need a ‘Singles’ Table

Avoid creating a separate ‘singles’ table. Even if you’ve been trying to fix your single friends
with someone by discreetly seating them next to each other, it might not be
advisable since this could embarrass them or make them feel uncomfortable.

How are you planning to arrange your guests’ seats on your special day? Talk to us today if
you need help or wish to have us bring your dream wedding to life.

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